Donkeys Painted To Look Like Zebras For Safari-Themed Wedding Sparks Outrage Online

It’s so painful to see animals being victims to the whims and fancies of humans. While animal cruelty is downright outrageous, there are several other cases where animals are abused for purely human interests. From little poodles being dressed like a girl and made to walk for viral videos to animal coats being painted in different colours, people can really go to bizarre lengths to amuse themselves at the cost of these poor creatures.

Recently, two donkeys were painted with black stripes to make them look like zebras for a safari-themed wedding in Spain. Pictures and videos of the donkeys have gone viral on Facebook and have sparked outrage.

According to sources, the donkeys were filmed by a concerned local who caught them plodding outside a bar.


The witness who posted the pictures on Facebook said that it was a “shameful and repulsive” treatment of animals for an “exotic and African touch”.

Many people came forward in criticism of the utter misconduct towards the animals. They suggested how a complaint should be lodged against the organisers of the event.

Reports reveal that the case was brought to the attention of the Agricultural and Commercial Office (OCA), as well as the Nature Protection Service of Spain. An investigation into the incident has been opened.

The ones who did this to the poor donkeys should be punished. Animals are not a subject for human amusement.

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