Apple didn’t just announce a $5000 monitor

There wasn’t too much reaction to the $4999 starting price of the monitor itself, or even the $1000 premium for the low-reflectivity upgrade. This is a true reference-grade monitor designed for critical color work by photographers, videographers, and filmmakers. Similar monitors typically cost upwards of $10,000, and Apple compared it to one costing $43,000.

But the Internet has had a lot to say about the optional stand …ok here we go, the audience were so close to booing when they announced the stand was $1000, $1K for a stand? Oh god, this is one first word somebody can spill out, it’s outstanding to put a $1K for a piece of metal to hold the screen, this is insane, even though it’s well knowing that people are ready to offer this price for such a piece of metal just because it’s “Apple”.

Apple itself is known for commanding high prices, but even compared to its own kit, the Pro Stand seems to have created a class of its own in terms of the Cupertino excellence mark-up. It’s not a direct comparison but there’s a swanky iMac stand aimed at regular people on Apple’s online US store. It’s called the Twelve South HiRise Pro. It works with iMacs, iMac Pros and external displays. It’s made from aluminium with an optional walnut finish on the front, adjustable to four different height options and has a “padded leather valet tray” for your phone, glasses, keys and other tchotchkes. It costs $150.

Just over $1,000 will also pay for: an Apple HomePod, an Apple Watch Series 4, an Apple TV 4K and a pair of AirPods 2.

Remember these are Apple products we’re talking about. It doesn’t make sense to compare these ‘consumer’ products to the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, but this is an adjustable metal stand versus a speaker, a smartwatch, a streaming box and some in-ear headphones. The Pro Stand has singlehandedly done the impossible and made them all look like bargains. Bravo. We are not worthy.

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